Why Click Speed Is Critical When Playing Computer Games

Why Click Speed Is Critical When Playing Computer Games

Computer games are made up of very small tasks. One of these is to click with your mouse in the game area, at objects that appear on your screen. How fast you can do this has a huge effect on how well you will be able to play the game. An example of this is in Minecraft , when you click on an object; it doesn’t matter if it’s a block or not, it takes around 0.1 seconds show what you have clicked on. This means if there are multiple objects nearby (e.g. 4 blocks), then they all disappear and need time to regenerate (0.1 seconds).

If you were trying to gather resources very quickly by clicking them, but also wanted to move frequently before new ones had a chance to generate, it would be very difficult. To check out your click speed you can visit here.

Why is click speed important

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It’s important for many computer-based tasks that require you having to click objects in order to complete them, because you need to be able to press the relevant key rapidly enough in order to get your task completed. In games such as World of Warcraft , where there are many quick tasks that need completing within a short amount of time (such as killing monsters), speed becomes extremely important . You can’t spend too long trying to kill one enemy, because if it’s taking longer than 0.1 seconds for each action, then a lot of time will have passed and/or you will have been killed by other enemies while doing nothing yourself. For this reason, players invest money into special mice that have extra buttons on them – these can be programmed to perform certain key combinations, such as pressing ‘1’ and ‘2’ (a common combination in games such as WoW , where you attack by left-clicking but also cast different spells for example) with only one click.

As well as this, players will often play the game in a completely different way if they realise it is too slow: most players operate their character using the keyboard and mouse (by moving and attacking with the mouse), however some choose to equip their computer with a special controller instead; this allows players to use more of their fingers rather than just two thumbs when playing. Though they may find playing like this very awkward at first, after lots of practice it becomes second nature and allows them to play faster than before.

This is why click speed is an extremely important skill when playing games such as World of Warcraft . It does not matter how good your reaction time or hand-eye coordination are, you will only ever be able to click the mouse so fast. If you think about this in terms of a real life situation, it would be like asking someone with arthritis to do something: they may still be able to do it, but their reaction speed and hand-eye coordination won’t ever match up to someone without pain or problems affecting these things.

Do you need quick reaction times when playing video games?

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Computer games often require quick reaction times and/or the ability to move the mouse (and sometimes keyboard) very quickly in order to perform tasks. This is why click speed is very important if you want to play such games well.

Click speed has a huge effect on how quickly a task can be completed when playing computer games: If something takes 0.1 seconds every time you click an object, then it will take 10 times longer to complete all necessary tasks in that area – which means less XP/gold etc.

Computer games like WoW require certain key combinations to be pressed, which are often programmed to different buttons on the mouse. If you press both keys with one click it saves time; or if you’re using a controller, people use more fingers rather than just two thumbs (or even play without using their hands at all).

Some games can be played very differently depending on how fast they are: most players use the keyboard and mouse for quick movements around areas, but some choose to equip their computer with a special controller instead because it allows them to use more of their fingers. Though they may find playing this way awkward at first, after lots of practice it becomes second nature and allows them to play faster than before.

How to improve click speed

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  • Read guides on how to play your game (especially useful for games like WoW or LoL)
  • Play game with game settings that require more clicking (highest dpi, macros, playing on smaller screens etc.); this can be used as an excuse to buy a new computer mouse too
  • Watch gameplay videos of other players – you could use these as inspiration or ask them questions about how they manage to improve their click speed so quickly
  • Once you feel like it’s time to move onto the next level of click speed, try using your non-dominant hand; make sure you practice using both hands equally if this is something you want to incorporate into everyday life though.

Benefits of quick reaction time

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  • Can play computer games more easily
  • Able to complete tasks in a shorter time
  • Faster reaction times and hand-eye coordination in real life situations (diskriminating factor)
  • Group with friends/other players who have fast click speeds is likely to perform better, allowing for faster completion of tasks and overall success in the game. In WoW , this is important when performing endgame content or PvP
  • Able to dodge enemy attacks in PvP
  • Can react faster to unexpected events that happen all the time in MMOs (players running into your line of fire or places you didn’t expect an enemy to be)
    With all that we hope you learned why click speed is important and why you should practice it.