How to Choose The Right Crate For Your Dog

How to Choose The Right Crate For Your Dog

Everyone who owns a pet knows how important little details are, and we all want our furry friends to be healthy and happy. When you choose to get a dog, you need to buy all the things for them that will help them with their diet, sleeping, and even exercise and fun. One of the most important things on this list is the crate, and these items can be used for your puppy to lay down in, sleep, and you can even use them for transportation.

They are the best choice if you don’t want your pet to sleep on every bed they can find, and if you don’t want them to lie down on the ground without anything in between. Choosing the right product can be a bit difficult, especially since there are so many different types and sizes, and in this article, we are going to help you out with the task. Continue reading if you want to find out how to choose the right crate for your pet, and which mistakes to avoid.

How big is your pet?


When choosing the right unit for your puppy, you need to consider its size. Experts suggest that buying a crate that is too small will make your pet feel uncomfortable, and buying one that is too big is not a good choice because your dog may confuse it for another thing.

If you choose to go with an item that is too small for them, it will mean that they are not going to have all the needed room to get into the unit, to move around freely, or to stand up properly. Chances are, they are not going to use the product, and it will be just money wasted.

On the same note, you should never buy an item that is too big, because they will end up sleeping on one side of the unit, and relieve themselves in the opposite corner. In case your dog is still small, and you know it will grow, you need to think about its full size. You don’t need to purchase a different item for all of their growing stages, and you just need to be a bit careful the first year while they are still growing.

This begs the question – which is the right size for the unit? Well, you need to consider that the pet can comfortably get in the crate, sand out, stretch if needed, and lie down without their paws hanging out of the unit.

Preferred materials


Now let’s talk about the material that you can choose for this product. When you read more about these items, you will see that depending on what the crate was made from it can easily be cleaned, and it will repel bad odors, or it can be a mistake that will break in no time.

You should know that there are four main materials that these items are made from and they include wood, wire, plastic, and soft-sized units. You can also choose items that are made with composite materials, and they are relatively new on the market, but they have been proven to be a great option.

Some of the units, like the wire ones, are great for transportation, and they can also be used as storage. The biggest benefit is the airflow, and they won’t hold any bad odors. They are best if you live somewhere where it is warm, and your pet won’t need extra protection from the harsh weather. The plastic ones are used mostly for transportation, and they are a good option if you want to cut on the costs and if you are looking for a sturdy and durable piece.

The soft-sided products are usually made for smaller dogs, and they are great if you want to take your puppy anywhere with you. On the same note, even though they are made with soft materials, they are durable and strong, so they will always protect your furry friend.

The composite crates are another great option for owners who want to have a lot of options when it comes to the look of the unit, they are easy to clean, and they are really durable. They can be used for other purposes as well, and they are the recommended material for families who don’t necessarily have a lot of space.

Lastly, we have the wooden units that are made with style and they are seen as the high-end, luxe versions of the product. They are made to stand strong for a long time, and they are difficult to get damaged. They are the best option if you know what you want, and if you want to complement your home by adding this piece into it.

Safety features


Don’t forget to think about the safety features as well, and know that depending on the type of product you choose you can add an additional layer of protection, or you can let your puppy roam free.

In case you want to put your dog with you in the car, you should know that you can purchase belts and items that will hold the product in place, and on the same note, with some units, you can lock them and make sure your pet stays in their crate. Remember that not all units are made for transportation, and some will be much heavier than others. If you want to travel with your furry friend a lot, then you should consider getting a plastic one, or a soft-sided unit.

These are some of the things you need to think about before purchasing the right item for your dog. Depending on the features, size, and material, the items can vary in price, and it is always better to choose something that is going to be durable and practical than to get an item that will get damaged or break in no time. Don’t forget to check out the best items that are available on the market, and in case you are not sure what you should get, you can always talk to your puppy’s vet or you can get a professional recommendation from the people who sell these items.