Top 10 Best RTP Online Slot Games with Highest Returns

Top 10 Best RTP Online Slot Games with Highest Returns

With so many websites claiming to be the best online slot sites in India, it can be really difficult to judge the one that you should pick and the one that would give you the best returns.

Although you can win slots and casino slots jackpots on any website or on a physical slot machine, how sure are you about the amount of money or the rate of returns that you shall get? There is no surety if you are not aware of the tricks on winning more money from jackpots than you typically would. So, the best way is to check out the websites that offer the highest amount of RTP on their slots. The meaning of a high RTP is that you will get more profit from the online casino than other websites.

The Top 10 Best RTP Slot Games that you should not miss are listed as follows:

  1. Blood Suckers (98%) – NetEnt
  2. Starmania (97.87%) – NextGen Gaming
  3. White Rabbit (97.72%) – Big Time Gaming
  4. Medusa Megaways (97.63%) – NextGen Gaming
  5. Guns N’ Roses (96.98%) – NetEnt
  6. Blood Suckers 2 (96.94%) – NetEnt
  7. Jimi Hendrix (96.9%) – NetEnt
  8. Butterfly Staxx (96.8%) – NetEnt
  9. Dead or Alive (96.82%) – NetEnt
  10. Fruit Shop (96.7%) – NetEnt

Every online casino has a fixed RTP rate. It means the amount of money that they are going to return to their players. It is average money that they tend to distribute. In order to retain the maximum number of players on the website, some online casinos give much more RTP than the other websites. This not only helps them get more players but also a high amount of popularity in the market. After all, every player invests in a gambling site for the sole sake of earning some real money on the side.


Theoretically, the high RTP websites tend to share more profits with their players and that is why they are more likely to be picked by gamblers and players who know everything about the slots world. Even though the numbers are based on a random number generator algorithm, the money and stakes on the jackpot are much higher than the average. The RTP also increases the chances of a player getting money from the website.

The above-mentioned themes were reviewed and checked out to know which one can give the players the most RTP. So, next time you check out the online casino slots websites, make sure you check out the RTP or ask them for more details before you invest. You can even ask for bonuses and additional benefits that you can get from these websites as you put your money in them. The volatility of these online slots is also on the lower side or on a safe medium side where your money will not be a problem.

When we make the calculations, you can say that if you have invested $100 into a spin then the returns would be $98 as per the matching symbols. With this, you get more chances and spins which in turn helps you increase your chances of winning the jackpot.


There are several websites online that have been running the high RTP websites for years. The only problem is that the popularity of this concept is not very high which is the very reason that players tend to get lower returns from the investment that they are making. Checking out the list of the websites with the highest RTP can actually improve your returns and bring you one step closer to getting the dream money in your bank account.

The bet amount on these websites might be the same or a little higher than usual but the number of themes and diversity of options is very unique. You can actually enjoy yourself while playing the slots rather than just waiting for the symbols to load and come in one line. The slot lines are also different in some games. The more slot lines, the lesser the chances of a jackpot or you winning something but different combinations can actually fetch you some classic money.

There are several types of themes that you can actually enjoy. For example, fairy tales, Egyptian, fruits, tv shows, movies, asian, etc. The main idea is to keep the excitement levels high while you enjoy the slot machines. You can always pick and choose the one that suits you the most and keep playing until you get your worth back. But always remember to keep a tab on the amount of money that you are spending. A limit can keep you tied up and ensure that you do not empty your bank account when there are other financial issues that are pending.


Slots are an easy way to enjoy yourself and should be kept as a hobby. Knowing some of the tips and tricks to win real money can actually alleviate your chances of gaining more money from the high RTP websites. Apart from websites, you can also find mobile applications and other platforms where you can reliably play for real money on casino slots.

Given the high number of choices, it is always advised to check out the reviews of a particular brand name before you start playing. There are several comparisons that can be made. For example, the RTP ratio, the bonuses, the number of free spins, the deposit and withdrawal conditions, and more.

Lastly, make sure you check the volatility of the websites and do not keep your hopes too high. Engage in slots and spins for fun. If you get some good return on investment then that is absolutely great. But if you do not, then enjoy it for a short span of time and move on to the next theme that you would enjoy. Keep creating a balance of the themes and games to not get bored out of the slots and games that you are playing. New names are often added to the list of slots. You can check them out before you press that sign-up button.