4 Best Barstools to Add Modern Style to Your Kitchen

4 Best Barstools to Add Modern Style to Your Kitchen

A lot of things are changing and so do our kitchens. Humans need a change in their lives therefore, they are always looking for better and unique things. That is why we have so many designs for homes. At first, kitchens were simple, our ancestors sat on the floor and ate food together. Later on, we got dining tables and then kitchen islands and different designs. From closed kitchen rooms to now we are in open kitchens.

Similarly, there is another design for seating apart from the dining table and chairs. This is having bar stools along a standing shelf. So if you want to stand, you can and if you wish to sit down, there will be a stool. Having such a design saves a lot of space. You won’t need a dining table because it will act like that. Furthermore, the kitchen shelf can be used for other purposes too.

So if you are looking for bar stools, you can go to paulframpton.co.uk. They have a variety of kitchen things that you will need. Go to their website and look for yourself. You will find kitchen stools, shelves, and even tableware there.

In addition to this, there is a variety of designs available for kitchen stools. So you do not have to stick to the basic design if you want something different. Here is a short list for you.

1. PLWMPTY Jeckel cowhide seat bar stool

Source: paulframpton.co.uk

One of the things that most people do not really like about bar stools is that the seat is hard. Therefore, you will find many bar stools with comfortable seating. So we have one for you here. This stool has a relatively bigger seat proportion with a thick foam padding. This foam padding is covered with a leather cover. Thus, the whole seat is 80 mm thick. So you can now sit on a soft seat.

In addition to this, the whole frame is made of steel. The best thing is that you can customize the seat height. So if you want a longer or shorter design than usual, you can ask them for it. Another customization that they offer is coating. You can choose the coating of this frame from the provided options.

So what you are getting is a stool which is made just for you. It has comfort and durability along with a beautiful powder or nickel finishing. Furthermore, you will get three color options for the seats too. So if you want to match it to your interior, you can go with black and white. If not, you can have brown and white. And as for a neutral look, there is a brindle too.

2. Winsome 94084, satori stool, walnut

Source: amazon.com

This is a basic design with a slight change. The seat of the stool is not round like many others. It has a rectangular shape or you can call it a saddle and therefore, it offers more seating. Although there is no padding in the seat and it has a wooden base, you can still sit comfortably. There is a slight curve in the seat that makes it look stylish and also comfortable.

The best thing about this is that it is made completely of wood. The solid beechwood offers the natural brown color or black in a matter of finishing. So you will still get a choice here. If brown is not going well with your interior, you can go with a neutral which is beechwood.

Furthermore, you need to assemble the stool by yourself. You will get all the parts and tools in the package but your need to assemble them. And don’t worry, it is quite simple and easy and you will be able to do it. Plus, they will provide you with detailed instructions.

3. Bar stools set of 2, height adjustable

Source: amazon.com

Here we have another basic design with a metallic frame and wooden seat. It is armless and backless however, it is offering a footrest. Thus, you will have support for your feet. Furthermore, it will also make the stool comfortable for people of short height.

Another thing is that it offers adjustable height. You can change the height of the seat according to your height. So whether the seat is longer or shorter for you, there is something that makes it okay in both cases. Shorter people can place their feet on the footrest and longer can increase the seat height.

Plus, they are super sturdy and durable. The seat is made of oak or walnut wood and covered with a PVC layer. So it will feel smooth while giving the wooden texture. Furthermore, the metallic frame provides the necessary strength to it. And also, you will need to assemble it yourself. The package will include all the things that you will need to set it up, including step-by-step instructions.

4. Christopher Knight home Ogden barstool, 2 piece set, beige

Source: amazon.com

Do you want something fancy and super comfortable? Well, we also have Christopher Knight’s design here. These are super stylish and fancy stools that you can have for your kitchen. Stools do not need to be backless if you do not want that. So here you are also getting the back support. Thus, the seat is comfortable and stylish, and also has enough space for you to sit.

Here you are getting a completely wooden frame that makes them durable and sturdy. So you won’t need to worry about the frame getting rustic or damaged easily. Furthermore, wood provides a lavish finishing if you carefully choose the seating.

Therefore, the seat covers are fabric material with foam padding. This makes the seat comfortable and soft. Furthermore, the fabric cover gives it a neat look. And despite all that, the stool does not weigh too much, it is only 27 pounds. Again, you will get it in parts so you will need to do the assembly by yourself. For more kitchen renovation ideas, feel free to check out this article to get more inspiration and ideas before renovating your kitchen.